Amelie Gallery
Human with Animal No.3
Fabric Glass or Bronze
Edition of 8

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Naked Boy on Rhinoceros

Bronze, Edition of 8.

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Sculptor: Niu Miao
BA in Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Niu Miao's Human with Animal series show man progressing from kneeling to standing, squatting and lying down as the body goes from intersecting with a giant fish or a crocodile to gradually becoming one with them, an allusion to the life experience of the spiritual progression from independent allegiance to a mysterious force, to submission and worship.

The crocodile passes through the body as it calmly leads the animal forward. The Buddha-like face hints at the secrets of the soul. The deep gray sculptures are vivid and gloomy, marked by a near religious solemnity, encompassing a wide range of spiritual references such as self-redemption, Zen and Buddhism, and man and nature.

Urban Culture: the Flourished & Corrupted. Contemporary Art Exhibition, Amelie Gallery, Beijing;
The Origin, Moon River Museum of Contemporary Art.
Fable-Literary Experiments by Contemporary Visual Artists, Amelie Gallery, Beijing.
The Asia Pacific Contemporary Art Fair, Shang Hai.

Human with Animal Series is Bronze Award Winner of National Art Academies Graduates Competition, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China.
Niu Miao's works are collected by Today Art Museum, Central Academy of Fine Arts & He XiangNin Museum.

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