Yuan Jia - Wood Objects

Yuan Jia is obsessed with the use of linden wood to create her works, and for this,
she has purchased large machines and researched deeply into wood-processing techniques.
She has bestowed everyday objects and animals with joints,
so that they can wake up, jump, and escape human control at any time, taking on autonomy:
a table with long, thin legs leads a duck on an escape, furniture jumps down from the walls, drawers are pulled out of a pig's body.
These objects are cute and fascinating like fairytales, but are also marked by the distrust and skepticism of our absurd reality.

A Table Escapes With Duck,
Wood, 6 Editions, 180x180x150cm, 2010
Collected by White Rabbit Contemporary Chinese Art Collection (Australia),
CAFA Art Museum (Beijing)
Piano Solo before Dinner
Wood, 8 Editions, 106x38x18cm, 2011

The Guest Comes from Ocean
Wood, 8 Editions, 62x56x29cm, 2011
Yuan Jia
BA inSculpture, LuXun Academy of Fine Arts;
MA in Sculpture, Central Academy of Fine Arts;

Exhibitions & Awards

Excellent Award Nominated by "Zeng Zhushao Scholarship";
The Start of a Long Journey-2010 CAFA Excellent Graduation Works Exhibition, CAFA Art Museum;
The 1st National Art College Students Public Visual Excellent Exhibition;
The 10th National Art Exhibition;
Not in Reality - 2009 Young Sculptors Invitational Exhibition;
China Stance - the 1st China Sculpture Exhibition, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Xi'an, Changchun, Beijing ;
Bronze Award, the 50th Anniversary Exhibition of Liaoning Province Artist Association;
Academic Award of LuXun Academy of Fine Arts.