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Linked by ties of fate

The first I looked at Liu Ruizhao's exhibition, I remembered his paintings spreading all over the walls which created a special atmosphere. Standing in front of his paintings, I felt confused and overwhelmed by a power of mystery, flowing slowly around me. Plum Blossom was a unique painting which had a light yellow plum leisurely emitting refreshing fragrance. It was very interesting, for me, to smell a painting instead of looking at it. The fragrance was easy to capture. But it would disappear once you seek it seriously.

Plum Blossom touched me. Taking it home and hanging it on my entrance hall, I used to introduce and praise it proudly when my friends visited. Later, I bought a big painting but could not find a right place to exhibit. Then I decided to move Plum Blossom into my study room. Unexpectedly, the painting became a part of my life.

Study room is my most personal space. After the morning rush seeing my husband and kids off to work and school, I have my own time. Coffee, music and sunshine fill the study room. I enjoy the lonely moments. The study room is Japanese styled. When I sit down and raise my head, my eyes catch the painting, which enables me to taste and appreciate it carefully. Two young girls of no more than 20 years old can be seen on the painting. They have Chinese traditional haircuts of the 1950-60s, dressing up plainly and simply.

In dim lights and quiet background, the left girl who turns around is particularly impressive. Looking at the painting everyday, I gradually understand why I favor it. The two girls on the painting have some connections with my childhood memory, they are like I and Xiao Ming, my more-than-ten-year's friend. What were we doing then? Were we watching the plums in the quiet night? At that moment, it is much like the girls in the painting looking at me instead of me looking at them. They are looking at me on the other side of the time, my past time. I feel confused. Maybe the unspeakable feeling is called fate.

-By Mrs. Qiang from Beijing

I never considered myself to be a collector, it was just after a long time contact with my new, highly appreciated galley friends that I actually found out that I was, a collector.

I had no clear scope, no clear direction, no frames I just simply falls in Love! The paintings I have are like a part of me, like a kind of family. They compete about attention, to be put in focus, to be Loved and appreciated. Love is without bounders, without any demands and specific expectations. If you can clearly define Love then it's probably something else. So I will keep on insisting that my collection and how I choose it comes from my heart and my soul, not from a specific direction or scope.

I have however understood to evaluate the artist, his background, his life travel and his way to communicate. I also start to understand that it's the past, the present connected with future expectations; that perhaps is my scope of collection.

I think that we are all artists ourselves, God just did not give all of us the hands to paint it out. We have to keep it to ourselves, in our mind and heart, painful as it is.

The first time I had the opportunity to see Liu Rui Zhao's paintings I was taken immediately. His way of handling colors and motive, light and dark was amazing. His way of technically creating his motive with thick oil at the same time most gentle and sensitive was extraordinary. Happiness and sadness, hopefulness and the feeling of trying to keep something actually lost in the past. In the painting "The Dog", he brought me back to a boy's childhood, innocent, playful, connecting the long lost childhood with the future development growing constantly in the background. "The Dog"are just as I expect a Love to be, everlasting, constantly telling you a story, bringing you closer for everyday. I stand and watch it every day, it tells me something new each time. It waits for me, patiently regardless where I am or have been. It gathers my friends for a discussion and creates lively speculation about the story and future to come.

I believe good art is like that, it give each viewer opportunity to create his own story, it tells everybody something. It creates emotion, discussion and a deep feeling of belonging. Liu Rui Zhao does that, he brought me on a journey I'm looking forward to.

-By Mr. L S from Sweden

You know, Liu RuiZhao's paint is very reflective so I need to have a lighting from the side if I want to avoid reflections.

Speaking of which I took a few close-up shots: amazing how many layers of colors Liu used to give this marvelous, colorful effect.

- Email message from a nice and sweet French couple,
Staring at the Door is like looking at a fire or clouds in the sky. The incessant movement captures the eye as new shapes constantly emerge, attracting one's full attention as if in a kind of hypnotic state. Lui RuiZhao added layer upon layer of colors on the canvas. The painting can be looked at from far away or from really up-close. It is one painting that contains dozens of others. It comes to life under the light, those who see it in the dark would walk right by. It is strangely symbolic. A couple carries a door, light comes from below, they stand in front of what seems to be Beihai park. Why does it remind us? Are they who we want to be? Their still expressions are in complete harmony, their powerful Lui RuiZhao eyes are determined, they know their values, they are not afraid to carry the weight of what they bring to the world, this door that invites other people to be themselves. This is an ode to art and tolerance.

What makes this painting so unique to me is that I can see in it all the most precious moments of my life. To begin with, it reminds me of my childhood, which I am very nostalgic of because it represented such total happiness that I thought I could never be happy like that again! I had the same"bowl haircut", as the girl in the painting... The girl and boy also represent us now as a couple. For me the boy is not distinct but complementary, I feel I am a part of the boy and a part of the girl and that is the way I feel about us. Finally, the Door represents our Home and our Family: we are carrying our home within us, that is why I think we can have our homes anywhere as long as we are connected to our family. But going into the Unknown is always a little frightening, that is what I find in the somewhat dark atmosphere of the painting. But at the same time, a step into the Unknown is also full of promises, of hopes, of discoveries. This bright light so particular to Liu Ruizhao is the symbol for me of the hope that keeps us going ahead.

-By DN & A, Paris