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Canadian Embassy, Beijing

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Art Event & Education
Artists Xu Bing, Chen Qi, Critic Yin Jinan with gallery director Jessica.
Gallery Director with
Mr. Uli Sigg, who collected artist Chen Qi's work, 2011.
An event celebrating the 2008 Beijing Olympic with officials from Canadian embassy.
Prominent artists Wang KeJu, Yan Ping with gallery directors.
Prominent HongKong
design master Mr. Alan Chen is a big fan of Amelie Gallery's artists.
Kids from International School visited Amelie Gallery as part of their art program.
Artists from Central Academy of Fine Arts & National Taiwan University of Arts.
Amelie Gallery's client also includes officials from Greek embassy.
Art education is Amelie Gallery's long-term commitment. Over thousands of visitors make their
first printmaking art in the past two years.
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I never considered myself to be a collector, it was just after a long time contact with my new, highly appreciated galley friends that I actually found out that I was, a collector...


Art Wallpaper~

Drawing with Limited Edition of 500 Color Pencils~ A Special Collaboration Project

Play Drawing Games with your Friends!
Game 1: What do you make of my squiggle?
This game is about making something out of nothing.
Step 1: Everybody makes some random marks on their paper. Don't think what it might be, it's just a squiggle!
Step 2: All pass your squiggle to the person next to you and say: "What do you make of that?!"
Step 3: Look at the squiggle and simply turn it into something. Rotating the paper can help set your imagination free.
Game 2: Three parts people!
Step 1: Have a chat about what sort of character you are going to draw together. It can be any type of person! A mermaid, a strongman, a clown, someone famous, a policewoman, a spaceship captain, anything you like - but you must all agree.
Step 2: Each of you is going to draw a different part of the person so choose who is going to do which bit. The three parts are: head, body and legs. (A fourth player could do a hat or feet.)
Step 3: Draw your part on your own piece of paper. Take care and think about patterns and details. Try to keep what you are drawing hidden from the other players!
Step 4: When everyone has finished, tape the parts together and admire your handiwork!
* The Above 2 Games are Produced by Flow Associates for the Campaign for Drawing and the Campaign for Family Learning.
Game 3: Dialogue by Drawing
The first person draws to imply what is on his/her mind, and pass the paper to the 2nd person, who draws out what he/she can understand from the first person's drawings. After a few rounds of dialogue, make up a story based on these drawings, which can be totally different from the actual meaning. No oral/literal communication is allowed during the drawing process.
Homework 1: Draw a portrait of your Mother or Dad, your wife or husband (cartoon or realist style); Try to be expressive to tell the personality or personal story between you and the character. Leave the picture quietly as surprise for him (her).
Homework 2: Research and study Mind Map invented by Tony Buzan, try to use it in your study or works.

Art Seminar: Avant-Garde Attacks!
Speeches by seasoned art critic.

1) A brief historical look from 1980s, the emerging of avant-garde, the Stars Group, Political Pop, Cynical Realism.
2) China's next generation of artists: Naughty Satires, Urban Fantasy and Identity Games etc..
3) Tips on collecting contemporary Chinese art & advices from seasoned art dealers.

Artists Forum:The Making, Production and Presentation of Contemporary Artworks in China.
A Presentation by Cameron Craig, British artist/curator
Date: Oct 19th, 2006. Amelie Gallery.

In preparation to the I exhibition, 3rd part of curatorial triptych "Time. Space and I", Amelie Gallery held an academic open discussion presented by British artist/curator, Cameron Craig, about 15 Chinese artists, curators, gallery directors attended the event.

Mr. Craig gave an intriguing presentation on his curatorial triptych "Time. Space and I". The first part "Time" took place in January/February 2006 along the Meridian Line in the UK. The Second part "Space" took place in Weimar, Germany in an old industrial building that was changing into a contemporary art space. The third part "I" takes place in Beijing, China in November 2006.

For the open discussion, he showed some works of the previous two parts of the triptych. Mostly conceptual art, the works challenged the perception of Time & Space with wit and intelligence, giving a provocative vision to Chinese artists how their counterparts in Europe tackle social and personal problems. Cameron also used photographs of contemporary artwork on view at Beijing's galleries to stimulate a discussion about the presentation of art in China, demonstrated an interesting perspective of a westerner seeing China art and the way it is presented. Chinese artists joined the discussion, covering topics like art commercialization in China etc.

As part of Cherish Dream! Support Young Chinese Artists Program, Amelie Gallery will continuously hold academic art events, introducing artists/curators of diverse cultural backgrounds to China, hoping to trigger fresh ideas and broaden the vision of Chinese artists.

Making Social Progress by Art