Soul & Enchantment-The Subconscious in Lyrical Contemporary Art
Artists:Fu Xiaotong,Wang Ruilin, Meng Yangyang, Zhang Dun, Dong Yayuan, Qiu Yun

Vines spread, woven with skulls of the time sorceress,
The obscure moonlight braille crystallizes on thousand-year-old paper.
The Isle of the Immortals recedes into the distance,
Surging up in the clouds of sperm whale dreams...

Contemplative Abstraction
Artists:Karen Kunc (USA), Li Xin, Shi Hai

Karen Kunc' symbolic images are derived from a rich mix of instilled influences, born at home, and greatly expanded and contextualized from seeing life lived the world over, my experiences and past work, and issues in contemporary art. I recognize a host of associations that flow out of my work and are research interests for me - from nature and science, spiritual and religious thought, art historical and modern icons, immigration narratives and native myths...

Beyond Words—Artists and Translation.
A Touring International Exhibition of Artists’ Books & Art on Paper

International Artists :
Lynne Avadenka (US), Nancy Campbell (UK), Maung Day (Myanmar/Thailand), Stephen Eastaugh (Australia/Argentina), Bess Frimodig (Sweden), Jacqueline Gribbin (UK/Australia), Ralph Kiggell (UK/Thailand), Likay Bindery (Thailand), Karen Helga Maurstig (Norway), Ema Shin (Japan/Australia), Cayla Skillin-Brauchle (US/India),Sarita Sundar (India)
Artists from China: Chen Qi, Tang Kaizhi, Wu Wei
Organized by Ralph Kiggell
Guest Curator in China: Tony Chang


Anecdotes, Fairytales, Folklore & Personal Life Experiences

Artists:Ku Sulan (1920-2004), Joydeb & Moyna Chitrakar (India), Peter Bellars (UK/Japan), Huang Kai, Li Huan
Curator: Tony Chang
Translator: Jeff Crosby

The Golden Bough, the classic text by British anthropologist James George Frazer, brought together the customs and legends from a vast array of primitive societies, tracing our collective memories back to their original wellspring in vivid detail. As spiritual blueprints for early civilization, these legends and customs are reflected in the folklore and children’s stories of modern history. The exhibition Anecdotes, Fairytales, Folklore & Personal Life Experiences explores the ways in which this narrative heritage has provided inspiration for the individualized creations of contemporary artists.

Metaphor of Human Body
Li Bo, Yu Ying, Song Yi, Wang Lin,Zhang Qian
Curator: Tony Chang

Human body has been an eternal subject in art history. In modern time, with the born of pop art, human body has been a mirror reflecting social sub- cultures and transitional self-awareness. It has been connected to wider social phenomena such as fashion and celebrity (e.g. Andy Warhol), advertisement and consumerism (e.g. Jeff Koons), as well as gender and identity (e.g. Cindy Sherman) etc.

Recognizing the pluralism of today's art practice in China, this exhibition, with a focus on the theme of human body, would examine the individual characteristics shown by a group of Chinese young artists in making body-related arts of their own.

Timeless Tranquility
Li Xin Solo Exhibition Xin>

The forcefulness of Li Xin's work reminds people of the Five Dynasties & Two Songs landscape style embodied in Fan Kuan's masterpiece titled Travelling Through Xishan: a remote, desolate, tranquil and mysterious land like the stillness at the dawn of time. Artist Li Xin’s nostalgia seems to reside in a vast cosmos. Lothar Ledderose believes that traditional Chinese landscape painting was an outgrowth of religious landscape art (such as the Mogao Grottoes at Dunhuang) as religious values gradually morphed into aesthetic values and came to influence aesthetic perceptions. The ancients' retreat into the landscape was an act of spiritual awakening and elevation. Li Xin's works transcend specific landscape and have a lofty and solemn atmosphere. In his work Mirror Image of the Mountain, the classic Chinese image form of vertical symmetry turns the mountain into an abstract, primitive totem, profound in its dignity.

Carefree Excursion
Huang Jing Solo Exhibition

Huang Jing's landscapes reveal restrained spontaneity and introversion. The spirit soars boldly through the murky clouds and fog. The forms of plants, mountains, rivers and trees are intentionally rendered in a flat manner, distilled as pure symbols used to aid the rhythm of vision and color.


Lost Neverland
Artists: Huang Kai, Liu Xiaoyong, Liu Jiajia, Yang Huining, Yang Yumin, Ma Kai, Liang Yiqing
Curator: Tony Chang

Huang Kai is hopelessly lost in his obsession with the hutongs, those alleyways left over from the Chinese cities of old. In his studio, we saw the various alley signs he has "picked up" (read: stolen) over the years: #46 Carpet Hutong, #54 East Boulevard, #173-1 Porcelain Lane¡­ These old rusty metal signs are about the size of a snuff box, red or blue. You can almost imagine Huang Kai's scrawny frame hovering about these deserted alleys, stealthily scurrying to and fro. He even once lugged a street sign as tall as a man back to his house in the middle of the night, worrying all the way that he would be stopped by a policeman. If the sign in your alley goes missing, you might want to ask Huang Kai if he's ever stopped by...

Narcissus' Love Song
Research & Education Project on Contemporary Chinese Art Practice : On Subject Matter

"When a culture is in a state of disintegration or transition the freedom of the artist increases-but the question of subject matter becomes problematic for him¡­" That is British art critic John Berger's view on the artistic crisis of late 19th century Europe. After over thirty years of development, Chinese contemporary artists now face the challenge of finding new subject matter to reflect the contemporary spirit. In essence, artistic creation is the recognition and probing of the self. Sincere artists are like the young Narcissus of Greek mythology, falling in love with their beautiful reflections in the water, infatuated with their spirits, and their creations are the love songs that these artists write to themselves.

91 Years of Obsession-Investigating Contemporary Paintings No.3
Indulgence in Personal Taste
Artists: Cui Yanwei, Tan Jun, Huang Liyan, Zhu Zhengming
Curator: Tony Chang

The individual aesthetic"tastes" of the artist are the most fundamental personalizing element in artistic creation, the thrust behind the pursuit of spirituality in painting. Painting in China has passed the phase of studying the techniques and styles of the Western masters, and the waves of passion for isms and schools have begun to recede. Meanwhile, currents are beginning to flow towards the placement of conceptuality over technique in painting. The artists of this exhibition, Cui Yanwei, Tan Jun, Huang Liyan and Zhu Zhengming are staunch in their faith that "Painting is an extreme sport, a difficult ascent with no end"(Tan Jun's word)...

Real Delight on Paper
Schedule: 2012-03/24~04/15
Participating Artists: Wang Min, Li Xiaoming, Kang Lei, Zhu Liye, Gan Yu, Zhang Ying, Zhang Wenjuan, Kang Ni

As a medium carrying strong oriental cultural inheritance, paper, with long and profound history, has been rich resource for artistic inspiration. This exhibition presents eight female artists and architects from diverse backgrounds; their works are focused on paper's different characteristics and materiality. Paper inspires their fresh imaginations and innovative concepts, demonstrating potential extendibility in different creative contexts. These artists hope to treat this exhibition as an experimental platform, by which they can explore new possibilities revealing their subconscious thoughts on this material.

Special thanks to Directors of Amelie Gallery for their generous supports and passionate encouragement for this experimental project.

2012 New Year Fine Art Print Festival
Celebrating the Year of Dragon

Organizer:, Amelie Gallery, Beijing
Venue: Sing Kong Place, 5th floor, Event Hall (No. 87, Jianguo Rd., Chaoyang Dist., Beijing)
Schedule: 2012-02/18~03/18
Opening Reception: 02.18, 15:00
Artists: Zheng Shuang (b.1936), Karen Kunc(USA), Chen Qi, Yu Chenyou, Ling Junwu, Ralph Kiggell(UK), Wang Chao, Huang Kai, Ma Yong etc.
Curator: Tony Chang
Media Partner:


Zen Encounters in Art
Artists: Chen Qi, Yang Maoyuan, Huang Jing, Li Xin

Through thousands of years of Chinese art, few accomplished a true Zen approach to painting like Bada Shanren in Ming Dynasty. His fish were both inspiring and absurd. His birds soared right through the heavens into our modern consciousness. How many artists are there today who can follow in his footsteps and revitalize the ancient idea of Zen?

Chuan Men
ASAP (Austro Sino Arts Program)project

The works exhibited in "chuan men" are possible only in present-day China. It is in China, where the phenomena shown in the works are happening now. Momentary appearances can be historical records, which are sincere and precious. Their mode of creation carries a strong improvisational feature: Facing brand-new Chinese experiences, the foreign artists feel strange, curious and excited. They react rapidly with their creation, revealing their instinct spontaneously, which restores the primitive nature of artistic creation in a sense.

Routine Reveries-Summer Curatorial Note II

Artists: Huang Kai , Liu Ruizhao, Yuan Jia, Yu Ying, Su Rui ,Feng Ying,Wen Yue.
Curator: Tony Chang

The curatorial concept behind Routine Reveries is an investigation into the ways that artists enter into their own states of "absentmindedness": how they talk to themselves and hone their preferred crafts. The vagrant who plays with monkeys (Su Rui), the deer head meditating in an absurd, surreal space (Feng Ying), the mischievous, amnesiac child (Huang Kai)¡­ they do not see the turmoil around them as they construct their own unique artistic worlds.

Cold Blood -Summer Curatorial Notes

Artists: Liang Yankang, Li Xin, Li Sa, Liu Ke, Tao Qiaoli, Zhu Peihong
Curator: Tony Chang

My expedition to inspect the artistic environment of GuangdongProvince began with a list of artists recommended to me by Wang Huangsheng, Director of the Museum of Central Academy of Fine Arts. Under the blazing hot weather of June, I went to the Guangzhou Line Three Art Zone, where the artists lived mixed together among the local residents. The sounds of the water pump rose through the air here and there, and outside the window you could hear the chaotic calls of children running through the streets....

Femininity in Contemporary Art

Folk Artist Ku Shulan(1920-2004) & Contemporary Artists Xie Zhongxia,Yang Jing, Yang Dazhi, Liu Ruizhao, Zhou Qinshan, Zhou Chunyan, Lou Hong etc.
Curator: Tony Chang

The PINK exhibition pays attention to the exploration of contemporary art practice on feminist consciousness. The artists were born from 1960s to 1980s. Works of their female subjects express their strong personal view, full of contemporary sensitivity. Divided into three levels such as Physical Consciousness, Fairy Tales & Dolls Fantasy, and Poetic Aesthetics, according to the subject matters, these works reveal women's spiritual direction in today's social and cultural changes and the new features of aesthetics.

Soul of the Land II
The Abstract Aesthetics of Contemporary Landscape Paintings

Amelie Gallery, 2011.4.9-5.31
Artists: Huang Jing, Xie Sen, Yu Chengyou, Li Xin, Ling Junwu, Ralph Kiggell (UK)

Curator: Tony Chang

As an extension of a series of exhibitions researching contemporary landscape paintings, Soul of the Land II presents the works of artists Huang Jing, Xie Sen, Yu Chengyou, Li Xin and Ling Junwu etc., who have been working in landscape themes for a long time. The vast, rolling landscape and the myriad lakes, mountains and rivers have been affecting the artists' personalities, but their works have all transcended realism to be filled with a subjective and expressive spirit. Their differing methods embody the abstract aesthetics of visual language.

2011 New Year’s Fine Art Print Festival

Partner: Shin Kong Place
Co-organizer: Amelie Gallery, Beijing
Special Thanks to: Faculty of Printmaking Dept., Central Academy of Fine Art
Art Paper Provider: Canson
Time: Jan 22nd –Feb. 28th, 2011
Venue: Shin Kong Event Hall (5th floor of Shin Kong Place, No.87, Jianguo Road, Chao Yang District, Beijing)


Notations of Time is a massive turning point in Chen Qi's creative thinking, a shift from the consideration of formless concepts within tangible things towards the probing of timeless, formless concepts to reach a concrete, physical form. 'Time' is an eternal, abstract, even indescribable thing, and from the perspective and methods of artistic expression, it perhaps stands as a challenge. Chen Qi's wisdom here is in that he approaches it from the traces of time, and uses his signature refinement and fastidiousness in thought and technique, combined with modern visual expression and image forms to materialize 'time' as artistic objects and images, which are presented comprehensively in the form of books, prints, woodcarvings and video, turning time into something tangible, something visible, and more importantly, something that can be experienced and pondered. -By Wang Huangsheng, Director, Art Museum of the Central Academy of Fine Arts

Striking the Mountain to Shock the Tiger
An Exhibition Surveying the Creative Ecosystem for Contemporary Chinese Young Artist Groups
August 21st-Octorber 13th, 2010
Curator: Tony Chang

For each generation of artists, the social environment in which they live and create has a profound effect on the development of their art. The curatorial concept behind Striking the Mountain to Shock the Tiger is sociological, using interviews and surveys of nearly one hundred artists born in the 1970s and 80s to observe the living and creative conditions of young artists and the potential effects of the current art ecosystem on future changes in art and the development of artists. Using the creative subject key words gleaned from the surveys as a core set of coordinates, Striking the Mountain to Shock the Tiger seeks out a spiritual anchor in the flourishing, diverse practices of cutting-edge art. The artistic styles of the various participant artists vary widely, but all are brimming with talent and personality. The document segment of this exhibition consists of the artists stories of how they make a living, highlighting the struggle and perseverance involved in their delicate walk between art and existence.

Soul of the Land
The Meditative Aesthetics of Contemporary Chinese Landscape Painting

Amelie Gallery, 2010.7.03-8.21, Opening: July.3rd, 15:00pm
Artists: Wang Keju, Bai Yuping, Ren Chuanwen, Sun Gang, Hong Dan and Zhang Yu
Curator: Tony Chang

Soul of the Land focuses on the important Chinese landscape artists Wang Keju, Bai Yuping, Ren Chuanwen, Sun Gang and young artists Hong Dan and Zhang Yu. In terms of both painterliness and creative concepts, they have made innovative contributions to the ancient tradition of landscape painting. The goal of the exhibition is to explore the developmental trends of contemporary landscape painting, to analyze individual artists and their cultural inheritance to reveal the new aesthetic direction being shaped by China's current reality and humanist landscapes...

163 Years of Obsession-Self Awareness and the Literati Spirit
Artists:Duan Zhengqu, Zhu Jin, Fan Bo, Wang Qing, Ma Ke, and Liu Ruizhao

After socialist realism and beginning with the 85 New Wave, contemporary figurative painting bore the weight of social critique and historical rethinking. Fang Lijun's shaved heads and Yue Minjun's smiling faces spoke of an uncooperative attitude towards mainstream ideology; while Zhang Xiaogang's old portrait photo-style figures looked back listlessly on history. While the individuals in those paintings were portrayed as symbolic masks of the group spirit of intellectuals in a certain time period, the artists in 163 Years of Obsession, Duan Zhengqu, Zhu Jin, Fan Bo, Wang Qing, Ma Ke, and Liu Ruizhao discarded with direct representations of the complex surfaces of social events, and turned their gazes upon themselves. Stretching from the 1950s to the 1980s, these artists, so passionately obsessed with painting, all separately traced out awareness of themselves in brushstrokes that are full of spiritual sensitivity, probing along the lonely path of human dignity...

HuTong Play-Huang Kai Solo Show
Celebrating the 3rd Anniversary of Chinese New Year Fine Art Print Festival
Huang Kai carries on the traditions of Chinese panel comics, from the famous pre-revolution comic book, The Adventures of Sanmao the Orphan, the comic drawings of Feng Zikai and on to the early revolution period. With mischief and playfulness, he explores the disparity between memory and reality. His "reminiscences on childhood" mix bitter sadness with sweet joy...


Notes on Fishing-Paintings & Sculpture in 2006-2009
Liu RuiZhao Solo Exhibition
Amelie Gallery, Beijing, Curator: Tony Chang

You love fishing. You once told me that the fish and the mythical dragon are very much alike -swim through waters of untold depths in complete silence. You spend much of your free time refining your fishing techniques, and working on strange problems such as how to release a fish after catching it and how to tell its age from its scales. That is why I proposed Notes on Fishing as an art project. I hoped that it would allow you to bring together your creative experiments and spiritual growth from the past few years¡­

Chen Qi~1963, Solo Exhibition
Opening: August.29th, 15:00pm
Curator:Tony Chang

After ten months and 2136 work hours, artist Chen Qi (b. 1963) finally completed his artwork, entitled 1963, on July 6, 2009. Experimentally blending new digital media with the ancient techniques of water-based printmaking, he devised a complex and exacting printing process using ninety-six woodblocks with nine color applications to depict, on an area measuring 7.8 meters high and 3.35 meters long, waves of water flowing from the inner depths of his heart. 1963 is a testament to the unprecedented ambition and conceptual creativity of one of the only contemporary artists to continue the technique of Chinese water-based printmaking.

Curator: Tony Chang
Artists: Wang KeJu, Li XiaoLin, Wang JiaZeng, Yang HongWei, Yang DaZhi, Zhang Ying,Chen XiaoDi
*The number 195 is the sum total of years that the participating artists have been engaged in painting.
A key element in evaluating canvas art, "painterliness", indicates the visual form, marks of crafting and personalized sentiments of a two-dimensional painting that lie beyond the subject matter. Painterliness imbues a work with the marks of humanity and life, producing the illusion of the presence of the creator. This exhibition will focus on ideas concerning contemporary "painterliness". Through the artists' experimental innovations and conceptual thinking, it attempts to clarify and expand our understanding of the "painterliness" in Chinese artistic creation.

Grace of Printmaking
Printmaking Art from Central Academy of Fine Arts & National Taiwan University of Arts
May 24th-June 12th, 2009
Official Website:

In simultaneity with China National Art Museum's two major printmaking art events in May of 2009 (the 9th National Chinese Lithography, Etching & Silkscreen Exhibition and Exhibition of Art Works by Taiwan Artist Liao ShiouPing), Grace of Printmaking is open in Amelie Gallery Beijing and Museum of National Taiwan University of Arts, bringing print artists together from Central Academy of Fine Arts & National Taiwan University of Arts, this is the first official exchange program for the two sister academies...

No Fun without You- Contemporary Artists Frozen in Place
Artists: Liu RuiZhao, Huang Kai,Wang YanBin, Zhang Ying, Cheng QinTao, Wang XiaoOu

As the theme of this exhibition, No Fun without You has two layers of meanings. First, the participating artists create playful and joyful scenes: Liu Ruizhao's youths are in a state of absent-mindedness, and are painted with rich, exaggerated color in dramatic lighting. Huang Kai's paintings recall the childhood playmates in the old, demolished Hutong (alleyways). Wang Yanbin depicts naughty chafferers in grey robes and red shoes who are forcing a crane to drink Coca Cola.... This group of young and vigorous artists come together to present a lively and entertaining party, adding humor and fun into the contemporary art scene...

A New Mark in Chinese Print Art-
Survey on the Innovation of Chinese Contemporary Printmaking
Venue: OCT Art & Design, ShenZhen
Curator:Tony Chang

A New Mark in Chinese Print Art-Traversing the Labyrinth of the Contemporary Spirit, an academic exhibition surveying the innovation of Chinese contemporary printmaking takes place in OCT Art & Design, a Museum at the fore front of contemporary visual culture in Shenzhen until May 13th, 2009. More than one hundred new works by artists from China's leading fine arts academies are on show. Born in the '70's and '80's, these artists are casting off the restraints of conventional printmaking language as they examine contemporary issues. Artistic Director of Amelie Gallery, Mr. Tony Chang was invited as the chief curator.

Enchanting Landscapes
+Public Printmaking & 8 Printmakers' New Year Cards Exhibition

Artists: Song Yuanwen,ChenQi,He Kun,Gordon Mortensen(US), Ralph Kiggell (UK) etc.

Jan 10th-March 6th, 2009

Amelie Gallery brings you a New Year's treat in the form of beautiful, romantic landscape prints. From China's early modern print masters to the international contemporary academics, through Southeast Asia and North America, this is a journey through the mental landscape that transcends time and space. The enchanting landscapes, lush scenery and acute perceptions of the artists come together here in the art of print...